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Foyer design with natural materials from Bungalow 10 Interiors, full service design firm in Virginia and Washington DC

our passion is to create spaces that offer rejuvenation and inspiration for all who step through the door.

We create beautiful, personalized, livable spaces that reflect those who reside in them.

Home is a place meant for quality interaction with those who reside within and outside its walls.

As the backdrop to life's most important memories -- let's make your home a beautiful one. 

Kristin Harrison, owner of Bungalow 10 Interiors, based in Northern Virginia
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a letter from our founder

There are a ton of talented and creative designers out there - so why choose us? We approach each project the way we would any relationship: With care, dedication, curiosity, and the genuine desire to get to know you as a human being. Every project is a new opportunity to grow creatively, but also gives us the chance to cultivate long-lasting friendships through a carefully crafted process. We pride ourselves on being thorough and detailed, but also relaxed and fun. For me, creating a beautiful home that functions seamlessly is akin to making magic. 

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